Rent Vs Purchase
What is the best ski and snowboard gear option for you?
rent vs purchase

Renting snow equipment is generally the recommended option for beginner skiers and snowboarders alike. With renting you can familiarize yourself with the products and see what works best for you before you commit to anything. There are many varieties of brands and styles to try out, where you can learn your own individual preferences. For more experienced winter sport enthusiasts, it may be best to invest in your own equipment. Some experienced skiers and snowboarders still prefer to rent for convenience as well as the ability to alternate between snow equipment for different mountain conditions.

At Alpine Ski Shop we make it easy for you to rent your ski gear rentals and snowboard gear rentals with our online booking system. As long as you book your rentals, our team will have your rentals ready and waiting, saving you time to spend on winter fun. Immediate reservations available!

Use our snow equipment checklist to guarantee you’ll have all you need for a safe, warm visit to the slopes this winter:
  • Ski, Boots & PolesM
  • Snowboard, Binding & Boots
  • Helmet
  • Pants
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Goggles
  • Snow Boots
  • Child harness
  • Ski Mask
  • Ski lock
  • Wrist guard
  • Long johns
  • Fleece/sweaters
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Need more tips on choosing
the right snow equipment?
Check out our ski rental guide below:
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There are skis for every experience level, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner skis are usually softer and more flexible which makes turning at lower speeds more efficient. Intermediate skis have a wooden core which helps with stability and making more precise and accurate turns at higher speeds. Advanced skis are for experts who have been accustomed to diverse and challenging terrains for years.

Ski Boots
Getting the perfect fitted boot is very important and influences your performance while skiing. Once your foot length and width are measured and you narrowed down how flexible you’d like your boot to be, you must try it on. A tip for trying on: get into ski position, and make sure you have enough space to wiggle your toes.
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Ski Socks

Ski socks are quite different from your average socks, and to prevent blistering and excess moisture ski socks can help. Ski socks also are known to keep your feet warmer than average socks. Many times people try to wear warm thick socks or double up on socks which is one of the worst things you can do to your feet.

Ski poles help new and advanced skiers make turns, balance, and even hike through snowy mountain terrain. Just as your boots will need the perfect fit, so will your ski poles and your rental associate should help you measure what size will work best for you.
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Snowboards come in different lengths, shapes and sizes for different skill levels. Beginners are best with choosing an all around snowboard for any terrain, while more advanced snowboarders can choose boards specifically for different conditions.

A binding is the part of the ski or snowboard that connects the boot to the ski/board. The binding is also responsible for the release of the boot. There are different types of bindings for different skill levels, and a professional should help you measure the bindings for fit, compatibility, and skill level.
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Helmets keep skiers and snowboarders safe as well as warm on the slopes. Regardless of your skill level, it is always recommended to wear a helmet to reduce the risk of injury. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes from a half shell to a full face helmet. You can be measured by a professional in the shop to find the best fit.

Ski pants may not seem essential, but they protect you from the outdoor winter conditions. Without ski pants your clothes and skin can get wet and very cold. Ski and snowboard pants are waterproof and also help protect from getting snow underneath the layers.
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Ski goggles protect your eyes from the winter conditions outside, as well as support your vision while you are skiing or snowboarding. Just like anything else, there are different goggles for different skill levels, conditions, and times of day or night. Cylindrical lenses are the most affordable, but you don’t get as much of a peripheral view, and aren’t as protected from glare. Spherical lenses are an upgrade, where you get a wide peripheral view, and more glare protection.

Child harness
Ski harnesses are a great tool for children learning to ski, but it is important to do some research on how to properly use the ski harness first as many parents use them incorrectly.
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Ski mask

A ski mask is a face covering used to protect your face, exposing partial facial features depending on the design. Ski masks are worn under helmets and provide the skier or snowboarder with an extra level of protection from the outdoor conditions.

Wrist guard
Wrist guards are essential for both beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Just like you wear a helmet to protect yourself from injury, the same can be said for wrist guards. If you are a beginner, you will make some falls and the wrist guards will protect you. If you are more advanced and adventurous, the wrist guards also safeguard you.
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Whether you want to rent or purchase, Alpine Ski has the best brands and knows their stuff. I’m always looking for cool new ski clothes, and this has been my go to shop for years.

 by Alex Meyers on Alpine Ski Shop

Don’t think twice. If you’re going to Camelback for the day, this is the best place to pick up some skis and snowboards at really low prices. I didn’t order ahead and they still had everything I wanted.

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